Cancer and Chemotherapy

Although necessary to combat and treat the disease, the drugs administered during the various cycles of chemotherapy debilitate patients, damaging their liver, kidneys and heart. Based on their active ingredients, they can also have harmful effects on the circulatory system, bone marrow, nervous system and immune system.

However, nature does come to our aid.
In fact, there are precious plants and herbs that can counteract the toxicity of cancer treatments and give those facing a difficult course of cancer therapy extra strength and well-being.

All without any contraindications.

By combining treatment with VITA COMPLEX oncology supplements, specially developed by the renowned oncologist Dr. Philippe Lagarde, it is possible to reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy by 70%, physically supporting the patient, protecting the organs and detoxifying the body, thus ensuring better general well-being.

Supplements for cancer patients


The first organs that every cancer patient must protect and help, both during and after chemotherapy, are undoubtedly the liver and kidneys.
This is because everything passes through them: in fact, these organs act as filters to detoxify the body from the toxicity of the therapies and dispose of the cancer cells killed by treatment.

The liver performs two main functions of vital importance: metabolization of absorbed foods and detoxification of the body.
It is therefore, essential to protect it and support it in the face of the toxicity of cancer treatments.

The kidneys are just as important for eliminating toxins and purifying the body. Like the liver, they should be supported as certain treatments that are particularly aggressive for renal function.

What we recommend for liver and kidney cleansing:


The heart is one of the organs most damaged by certain chemotherapy treatments, as they are cardiotoxic.
As with the liver and kidneys, protection of the cardiovascular system is therefore essential.

Targeted use of supplements – before, during and after treatment – can prevent or in any case, reduce the impact of treatment on a patient’s cardiovascular health.

What we recommend for protecting the heart:


As we know, chemotherapy treatments are debilitating and significantly affect patients’ physical and mental well-being.
Taking food supplements is therefore of primary importance and targets improving the quality of life of cancer patients, making therapies more bearable for the body and helping to ensure the treatment programme is completed in the best condition possible.

Besides having specific functions relating to the protection of various organs, the nervous system and the immune and digestive systems, vitamins and minerals are primarily a great source of support for patients undergoing treatments and chemotherapy.

This is what we recommend for support during treatment:


Mineral salts are very important substances for our physical well-being.

Their multiple functions provide us with a whole range of benefits, including tooth and bone formation, muscle function and responsiveness, free radical neutralisation, vitamin transport and much more besides.

Anti-cancer treatments affect their presence in the body, drastically reducing it, so it is necessary to provide for their reintegration.

What we recommend for replenishing mineral salts:


Supplementing the diet becomes an added value and a key to helping cancer patients, making the course of treatment less tiring and also reducing the side effects of various treatments, with consequent positive effects on the outcome of the treatment itself.

What we recommend to increase treatment efficacy:


As mentioned above, the treatments cancer patients face lead to feelings of fatigue, which are extremely debilitating for their physical and mental health and well-being.

To cope with this, in addition to the vitamins and minerals already recommended, Vita Complex has produced syrups, using specific plants, designed to combat fatigue and tiredness and improve the psychological state of anxiety in anyone undergoing cancer treatment.

What we recommend for physical and mental well-being:


We are all fully aware that having an efficient immune system is essential in order to combat the disease.
We are also aware that during treatment, the reactive capacity of the immune system is undermined by the harmful side effects of treatments.

Targeted action in this situation is of utmost importance: in fact, there are natural supplements that can increase the activity of the cells that trigger the immune reaction, thus favouring the response of the body to treatment.

Supplements act on the immune system and increase its defensive capacity, also helping to decrease the negative effects of chemotherapy and rebalancing the entire body once treatment has ended.

What we recommend to protect the immune system:


Many drugs used in chemotherapy treatments, such as for example, platinum salt-based drugs, damage the nervous system.
One of the most common side effects is numbness in the fingers and toes (a symptom known as peripheral neuropathy), which can become chronic if not appropriately countered.

What we recommend to support the nervous system:


Anthracycline-based drugs, such as those often used to treat breast cancer, are extremely toxic for the bone marrow.
Bone marrow has the task of producing white blood cells, so high toxicity might make it more difficult for the body to combat possible infections.

In addition, anaemia may occur during treatment, as bone marrow also contributes to the production of red blood cells.

This is what we recommend for bone marrow protection (along with organotherapy):

NOTE: Each family of chemotherapy drugs has a particular toxicity on certain organs.

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