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Supplements: what they are and why they are used

Official medicine states that dietary supplements have no curative properties, but that is not entirely true!

Supplements play a fairly important role on health and physical well-being and provide significant support for the person.

This makes it clear that it is difficult to determine the boundary between a medicine and a food supplement. Let us look at an example: Vitamin C, which is a dietary supplement, is recommended for infectious diseases!

But what exactly are dietary supplements?

Food supplements are preparations that help our body to cover the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals it needs and which are often lacking.

It is thought that a correct diet is sufficient to cover these requirements but the reality, especially today, is very different and has been scientifically proven.

In fact, the WHO (World Health Organization) has shown that at least 70% of the population is suffering from a lack of nutrients, with consequent metabolic alterations that accelerate cell ageing, increasing the real risk of developing diseases, including quite serious pathologies.

The causes of these deficiencies can be traced back to two elements that are heavily influenced by the world we live in today:

1. FOOD (low in nutrients)

  • Chemical treatments in modern agriculture
  • Industrial production treatments
  • Food preservation
  • Cooking
  • Etc…

2. LIFESTYLE (that influences daily requirements)

  • Unbalanced diet
  • Stress
  • Sporting activity
  • Sedentariness
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Pharmacological treatments
  • Etc…

Hence, the use of supplements is highly recommended, both for those who have clear symptoms of nutritional deficiency and for a question linked to prevention.

It is important to rigorously comply with the recommended doses and above all, to always bear in mind they should be considered a support and never a cure.

Another aspect to be taken into consideration is the actual effectiveness of the product: praised by all, but not always verifiable as quality requires investments that are often not advantageous from a cost/benefits ratio point of view, resulting from production and marketing.

Meticulously adopting Dr. Philippe Lagarde’s philosophy, VITA COMPLEX has chosen to accept these constraints to offer the market a product of the highest level and one that is immediately effective; this is possible thanks to constant investment in research and development.

These are the rules we follow, without compromise, to ensure our customers get the benefits they expect, are:

1) The use of quality of ingredients CERTIFIED by approved laboratories

2) The selection of natural vitamins, wherever possible

3) The use of minerals easily assimilated by the body

4) Water present in food supplements that complies with specific physical-chemical rules and constants

5) The use of only the ingredients necessary

6) The rigorous use of tinted glass as packaging material for our bottles

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