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Dr. Philippe Lagarde, a renowned medical oncologist, researcher and internationally-famous author, created Vita Complex supplements over 30 years ago, following numerous studies and meticulous research, prompted by his dissatisfaction with products available on the market, which claimed to be more effective than they really were.

Originally, the supplements were intended exclusively for clinical use, as a means of complementing therapies for patients in his care.

In fact, the purpose for which they were created was only to reduce the draining and debilitating side effects of intensive therapies during the difficult course of cancer treatments, in order to ensure a better quality of life for patients.

His idea was to create supplements that would really work to maintain the body, relying on the great number of strong active ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer us, avoiding as far as possible the use of chemical compounds.

In fact, we know that the minerals and vitamins we need can be obtained from plants, flowers and water. The real difficulty is keeping these active ingredients alive, in the right doses and ensuring they are assimilable by the body.

However, thanks to his studies, research and endless laboratory tests, Dr. Lagarde managed to create supplements that retained all these properties and that, as a result really provided benefits once they had been taken.

In fact, their introduction in initial therapies showed an almost immediate reduction of over 70% of the side effects caused by the treatments.

This was such an amazing result that it was the patients themselves who kept insisting he should also create a range of supplements for daily use, that could be taken for prevention.

This was a huge challenge and Dr. Lagarde did not initially take it into consideration. However, as he continued to receive requests, he finally decided to accept. He continued to invest in studies, research and development, as well as continuing clinical activity. Despite many difficulties encountered along the way, we have never lost sight of the doctor’s guiding philosophy: to offer people well-being and improve their lives.

That is why Vita Complex was created!

Today, supplements are available to anyone who has obvious symptoms linked to vitamin and mineral deficiency or who simply wants to maintain their health, with a full range of lines specifically designed to meet every need.

A focus on carefully choosing raw materials, based on constant research and the meticulous selection of natural ingredients whenever possible, has made supplements increasingly popular over time, without the need to promote sales of carry out advertising campaigns.

Vita Complex is synonymous with top-quality certified supplements with proven effectiveness.

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