Natural or synthetic vitamin?

We should make a clear distinction between what is curative, where chemical synthesis can be truly fundamental, and what instead has a preventive or supportive function, such as vitamins.

It is well known that there is an open debate between supporters of natural products and those who consider synthetic ones better or equal to them. Most of the time, however, discussions are based on personal opinion and only rarely on scientific data.

This is not the case with VITA COMPLEX products, created thanks to the certified medical and scientific expertise of Dr. Philippe Lagarde, who has a clear position on the subject, based on studies and research:

The more natural the vitamins, the more the body is able to assimilate them.

Synthetic vitamins on the contrary, although they have a more concentrated active ingredient compared to natural ones, are less easy for the body to assimilate.

This means that, in addition to being less effective, the waste that our body is unable to assimilate, will be partly expelled and partly deposited, with the risk of generating even quite serious intoxication over time.

Many studies and experiments that have been carried out confirm this, which is why the vitamins used in VITA COMPLEX supplements are the most natural currently available on the market.

They are extremely easy for the body to assimilate as they are free of colourants, synthetic sugars, aspartame and bisphenols. In addition, the use of preservatives is reduced to a minimum (less than 1%). This makes Vita Complex products a rarity in the jungle of food supplements.

That is another reason why they are so effective.

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