Here you’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions from people interested in our supplements.

Because we are different from most of our competitors

We are an artisan company. We produce small batches that allow us to have products that do not remain in stock.

  • Our formulas are created by our Scientific Director. They are unique and are based on the latest scientific publications and owe their effectiveness to the synergy between the elements that compose them as well as to the quality of the raw materials.
  • We are demanding on the origin and quality of raw materials, using as much as possible natural forms that differ from synthetic forms. The latter can prove to be ineffective and even worse toxic during their excretion from the body.
  • In our formulas, we use, when possible, the precursors (components that are transformed into an active product by the body which eliminates or synthesizes them according to its needs) in order to avoid any toxicity due to a possible overdose. Such as vitamin A: in our Delta A, beta-carotene (precursor) is associated with vitamin A (cod liver oil). Alpha Sulfur is the precursor of glutathione. Our Delta Melatonin also contains precursors. As does Kela Plus also, etc ..

If our prices seem higher than those of our competitors:

Read the labels to know the real contributions which are those authorized by the laws that regulate food supplements.

The number of capsules per bottle, the exact composition, etc.
The use of glass bottles. The care of packaging during shipments.
The willingness of our consultants to give quick and detailed answers to your questions or concerns.

1. Why do you use glass bottles?

This is a prudent choice because we are not fully aware of the impact that plastic containers have on health, or of the glues used for cardboard or wooden containers, as we had thought in the past.

2. Can the capsules be opened?

Yes, since the content is water-soluble or fat-soluble, absorption occurs at mid-meal.

3. Why don’t you make the gastro-resistant capsules?

Because there is no advantage for our products in being absorbed by the intestine with the exception of one of them, glutathione (Alfa Glutatione) of which the most recent publications seem to show that even if contained in gastro-resistant capsules, its absorption it is not better.

It is sometimes difficult to find a consensus between different scientific research publications.

4. Why is your vitamin C not in liposomal form?

Liposomes are small spherical particles that incorporate the active ingredient into a shell of phospholipids. Although some products in liposomal form appear to be absorbed better than their conventional counterparts, this new technology is not without its drawbacks.

At the intestinal level, the liposomal complex is transported by lymphatic pathway instead of the blood pathway, (like lipids), skipping the liver, (first metabolic step) which can lead to a significant inactivation as the quality of our microbiota is currently subject to a lot of research. Considering the quality of our nutrition, who can be sure they have a perfect gut?

Therefore, it is important to take into account the difference in active ingredients, so the most important aspect is not the form but the dosage and quality of the vitamin C used. For this reason we have chosen a performing vitamin C both qualitatively (natural plant extract) and quantitatively (extract concentration).

5. Why can we sometimes notice color differences between the capsules, especially in the Delta A?

Having made the choice to use transparent and non-colored capsules, the other side of the coin is that, for products such as Delta A composed of 2 ingredients (cod liver oil and beta-carotene), it can happen that during the manufacture of the powder, in some capsules, beta-carotene is found more on the surface which explains the slightly more intense color.

This does not in any way affect the quality of the product or its effectiveness (see: “precursors”).

6. Why don’t you make vegetarian capsules?

Often the vegetable capsule causes gastric pain due to the substances used during its preparation.

7. If we want to use non-prescription food supplements, what should we do?

You can create your list based on the problems you want to improve and you can contact us to confirm or not your choice.

You can ask us how often to consume the products or how to customize them. You can also ask us the possible “contraindications” depending on the treatment you are taking.

8. Can food supplements be given to children?

It depends on the age of the child and the product you want. Call us for advice.

9. Glutathione: are the capsules useless?

Glutathione is used as an infusion in emergency situations, but this product cannot be given as a daily infusion.

The real effectiveness will be given by administering glutathione in capsules (Alfa Glutatione of Vita Complex being associated with its precursor NAC) and / or by the precursors Kela Plus (NAC) + Alfa Sulfur, these products allow the cell to produce its own glutathione which is the pillar of the immune system, which is the major antioxidant.

“Some people ask me why Vita Complex products are effective and are increasingly in demand by the public. Competitors even talk about secrecy … it makes me smile. We have no secrets.

Vita Complex simply tries to approach, copy and respect nature and life.

Vita Complex means “intimately linked to life” and our philosophy is summed up in three words: natural, quality, efficacy.

Our products must be as close to what nature offers.

When it produces a substance it does so starting from different molecules, from multiple and often complicated biochemical mechanisms, some of which are still unknown. These molecules are called PRECURSORS.

Very often the organism has the ability to choose the substance that is missing, the quantity necessary to guarantee the correct functioning of the complicated biological mechanisms of the marvelous clockwork of our body.

When we create a new supplement, we combine, on the one hand, the precursors directly derived from plants and, on the other hand, the “finished” substance, which is as natural and extracted from the plant as possible.

Thus the product contains a “delayed” form controlled by the consumer’s body and a fast form to ensure limited but “fast” efficiency. The classic example is that of vitamin A containing the fast form RETINOL and the slow form BETACAROTENE (Delta A). It is the same for all of our products such as Delta E, Omega 3-6-7-9, Vitigin Complex, Betacomplex, Revita Complex, etc.

This is often difficult to achieve and poses many costly technical problems, but rarely impossible. This is the real secret of the effectiveness of our products. “

Dr. Lagarde Philippe

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