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Ageing, senility and memory

Increased longevity, thanks to improved living conditions and medical advances, has led to an increase in the elderly population worldwide.

What are the causes of ageing?

The causes of ageing are:

  • free radicals, in other words, highly reactive molecules which, if not properly countered by antioxidants, become extremely toxic for the body;
  • the gradual decrease in brain microcirculation, which reduces the supply of oxygen and nourishment to tissues, leading, amongst other things, to a progressive loss of memory;
  • ageing of the detoxifying organs, which in fact causes the accumulation of intra-cellular waste.

In short, ageing means progressively losing vital functions and it is an inescapable and inevitable process.

However, it is possible to delay physical and mental decline and face ageing serenely and in good health.

And how can this be done?

1. Intervening as much as possible on external factors that generate free radicals.

2. Providing the body with sufficient natural receptors to trap free radicals, through correct nutrition and quality supplements.

3. Improving brain microcirculation, thanks to a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible.

What we recommend to combat ageing

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