Sporting activities

It is certainly nothing new that people who play sports age more slowly, live much better and are healthier, more active and happier.

The benefits of physical activity on the body have long been known. Equally, it is also known that the right level of physical activity helps to reduce the risk factors associated with various types of diseases; in particular, cardiovascular diseases.

Sportsmen and women should follow a balanced diet, based on the intake of three key elements:
1. large quantities of water, to maintain a good level of good quality hydration;
2. sugars, especially glucose, which is the main source of energy for muscles;
3. mineral salts, because the exertion of doing physical activity means the body consumes a large quantity of sugar and eliminates a large quantity of minerals through perspiration.

But that’s not all.
Under exertion, the body also releases an enormous quantity of free radicals that attack cell membranes and damage certain organs.

Therefore, after any sporting activity (even more so, after a competition) it is essential to take natural supplements in order to free the body of these free radicals and reduce oxidative stress, in order to allow for better and faster recovery.

Here is an example of correct use of supplements:

  • Before a competition (about 2 hours before): drink 2 litres of water and take 4 tablespoons of Betacomplex and 3 capsules each of DELTA E, DELTA C PLUS, DELTA B.
  • During a competition: put 2 phials of Hypertonic Biocean in drinking water.
  • After a competition: drink 2 litres of water and take 2 capsules each of DELTA E, DELTA C PLUS, DELTA B.

What we recommend to improve sports performances

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