Improved immune defences

Immune defences play a fundamental role for our body. They are a veritable defensive system designed to protect us from harmful foreign substances.

Every day, the immune system has to combat attacks from pathogens, such as parasites, bacteria, viruses, funguses, toxins and organisms that proliferate on our planet, and thus counteract the onset of various diseases, from the common cold to very serious pathologies, such as cancer.

It is therefore, essential to ensure it is in good health.

To strengthen the immune system, it is necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, do a little sport and ensure the body has enough rest.
If a balanced lifestyle is combined with the correct use of supplements, the results will be even more effective.

We should think of the immune system like a car engine.
In order to run well and maintain optimum efficiency, an engine needs fuel, oil and water and must be kept as clean as possible.

Likewise, our immune system needs the right nutrition and the correct amount of mineral salts, vitamins and water.

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