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Purification and detoxification

We are all now aware of the importance of detoxifying the body, especially the liver and kidneys.

The liver is an organ that performs many vital functions.

Its first function is to metabolise nutrients, filtering toxins present in the blood, selecting the substances necessary for the body and eliminating those that are harmful.

It also filters out residues of medications, chemicals, additives and pesticides found in our food and all other waste components.

It is precisely its ability to filter substances that makes it susceptible to situations of toxicity, which are exactly those that must be countered to keep the organ in good health and make it work at its best.

The kidneys also perform the function of excreting metabolic waste products and foreign substances, amongst other things.

The kidneys filter the blood from excess water and toxins, in order to maintain the balance of its components – especially electrolytes – and keep us healthy as a result.

The health of our liver and kidneys depends, to a large extent, on us and how we care for them. It is necessary to do so from a young age, in order to maintain their well-being and functionality for as long as possible.

In fact, if the liver and kidneys are burdened and overloaded with toxins, they are not able to perform their functions at their best, causing more or less serious disorders and problems.

What we recommend for purifying the liver and kidneys

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