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60 capsules in tinted glass bottles.






bulking agent: cellulose, capsule: food gelatin; Centaurea minor (Centaurium erythraea Rafn) top micronized powder, Activated charcoal (Carbo vegetabilis ex ligno) micronized powder, Anise (Pimpinella anisum L.) fruits dry extract (D / E: 4/1), anti-caking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids, Gentian (Gentiana lutea L.) roots dry extract (D / E: 4/1), Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) fruits dry extract tit. 0.5% in essential oil.

Last updated on 31/01/2024

Tenore per dose max giornaliera degli ingredienti
Pari a 1 capsula
Centaurea minore p.m.
50 mg
Carbone vegetale p.m.
40 mg
Anice e.s.
15 mg
Genziana e.s.
3,5 mg
Finocchio e.s.
3,5 mg
Pari a olio essenziale
0,02 mg



– absorption of toxic substances and heavy metals
– abdominal tension and swelling
– gastric acidity
– colitis
– intestinal disinfectant effect
– contributes to the reduction of excessive post-prandial flatulence
– stimulation of digestion
– antispasmodic
– dyspepsia
– digestive atony
– antifermentatives
– production of gastric mucus
– slow digestion
– gastritis


CARBO VITA COMPLEX is a 100% natural food supplement that combines 5 components of plant origin that aim to regulate the digestive functions.

First of all, ACTIVE VEGETABLE COAL is a fundamental substance deriving from the strengthening of poplar, willow, birch and pine wood.
In nature this process takes place over thousands of years.
Vegetable coal has extraordinary qualities, in particular that of having an absorbent activity.
The tiny coal particles that hold the air that forms in the stomach and intestines prevent bloating and abdominal tension.
On the other hand, activated coal has 2 other effects:
– on the one hand, a very effective anti-acidity action on the stomach and intestines;
– on the other hand, a disinfectant and purifying effect which absorbs in particular toxic substances and heavy metals.

GENTIAN contains active ingredients (gentianina, gentisina, gentiopicrigastrici, na) which act on digestion and secretion of gastric mucus. This gives gentian its digestive action, stimulating gastric functions, the function of tonic and anti-fermentation.
Dry extracts of the root are used.

GREEN ANISE or Pimpinella anisum is an annual herbaceous plant. It contains an active ingredient, ethanol, used to produce liqueurs and flavors and known by the pharmacopoeia and confectioners.
It has antispasmodic, digestive and stimulating and anti-nausea qualities.

The FENNEL is indicated against dyspepsias, meteorism, colitis and digestive atony thanks to the different active principles (anethole, limonene, pinene, estragolo).

CENTAUREA MINORE increases the amount of gastric juice, stimulates digestive functions and must therefore be ingested before meals. Active ingredients: secoiridoid glycosides, flavonoids.
Extracted from the ends of the flowers.


1 capsule per day for one.


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