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DELTA C PLUS 90 capsules

OMEGA 3-6-7-9





Cardiovascular diseases are currently the second leading cause of death after cancer. Pollution and in particular, food are the main causes, to which we should also add the stress of the modern world. Combating “poor nutrition” and free radicals is essential.

Omega 3-6-7-9 participates in vascular protection and lowers cholesterol.
Vitigin Complex is a vasodilator, anti-aggregant and antioxidant.

Vitamins E, C, D3, K₁ and K₂ are the most powerful anti-free radicals and protect against genetic mutations responsible for cardiovascular and oncological diseases.
Their action is enhanced and completed by glutathione, the true conductor of all the anti-radical mechanisms.

It is advisable to consume AMADEUS extra-virgin olive oil which is rich in important properties for the heart

Read the data sheet for each product.

DELTA E: we recommend taking one capsule a day;

DELTA C PLUS 90: we recommend taking one capsule a day, preferably after lunch;

OMEGA 3-6-7-9: we recommend taking 2-3 pearls a day, with plenty of water, after meals;

VITIGIN COMPLEX:one measuring capful (10 ml) per day diluted in water;

D3 VEGETAL COMPLEX: ADULTS: we recommend take a maximum of 12 drops per day. TEENAGERS: it is recommended to take a maximum of 6 drops per day. CHILDREN FROM 3 YEARS OLD: it is recommended to take a maximum of 3 drops per day.

K₁+K₂ VEGETAL COMPLEX: it is recommended to take a maximum of 12 drops per day, preferably during the main meal.


Duration of treatment: continuous or in addition to specific therapy.


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