Joint pain – Arthrosis – Bones – Osteoporosis

In industrialised countries, more than 64% of the population aged over 60 suffers from arthrosis, arthritis or osteoporosis and these conditions are also the main cause of disability in the elderly.

To tackle the more or less intense pain caused by such disorders, pharmacological therapies are normally used.

The most commonly used drugs are:

  • antalgesics or analgesics, which soothe and reduce the pain felt, without intervening on the causes that have triggered it;
  • anti-inflammatories, which are used to reduce inflammation and to treat pain;
  • intra-articular injections, for the conservative treatment of arthrosis, with hyaluronic acid-based products.

But there’s a problem.
ALL the medications listed above have more or less significant immediate or long-term side effects that vary depending on the patient.

Hence, the importance of prevention and treatment using, if possible, natural solutions with low toxicity for the body, in order to stabilise the disease.

Many natural therapies bring relief and reduce pain without any side effects.

In addition to proper nutrition, which is always the basis for good health, sufferers can take action to assist and support of microcirculation in the joints.

But not only.
Detoxification of the body and the supply of antioxidants is also particularly significant

What we recommend for joint pain and osteoarthritis

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