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Ageing is something that has been most studied by mankind since we began to think and has always been spurned by men and women alike.

Have we not, since ancient times, sought to find “the secret to eternal youth and immortality”? Stopping the clock is essentially impossible, but delaying the physical deterioration caused by the passing years is possible.

First of all, how does ageing happen?

The answer is simple and can be summed up in two words: free radicals.
If an organism is healthy, young and dynamic, the production of free radicals is physiologically controlled thanks to the endogenous systems.

As the years pass, endogenous control lessens and free radicals abound, attacking cells and damaging cell membranes.

How can we help the body?

1. By intervening as much as possible on external factors that generate free radicals.

2. By providing the body with a sufficient quantity of natural receptors, through diet and the use of quality supplements, to trap free radicals.

Just like our liver or our heart, our skin is an organ too.
We should not forget that the skin performs a number of functions that are vital for the body.

Our skin protects us, it is part of the process of synthesis of vitamin D, it maintains correct body temperature, it is a fundamental purifying organ and the immune’s system first shield of protection.

Just as for the health of all our organs, the quality of the food and supplements we consume is essential for maintaining healthy skin and preserving it for as long as possible from signs of ageing.

For an optimal effect we must first of all work on the skin from the inside out and then, only secondarily from the outside.

We need to combat oxidation, choose good fatty acids, support and protect microcirculation and favour good hydration.

What we recommend to counteract the signs of ageing

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